Metrics for Team Dynamics & Productivity


Our Team Dynamics Dashboard is now available for Jira & GitHub.
Access the App via the Atlassian & GitHub Marketplace.

Distributed Team Monitoring

In real-time monitor team dynamics in several project, product & support teams across different geographies. It provides deep visibility into teams’ interactions during the application lifecycle (planning & estimation, requirements, software development, testing & QA, devops, and support).

Metrics for Team Dynamics

By Analyzing the sentiments, tones, disagreements, trust, and conflicts in team conversations, DeepAffects generates multidimensional Team Dynamics Metrics (TDM). TDM provides insights into teams’ dynamic state (Performing, Storming, Outperforming etc.), emotion intensity, trust network, conflicts & more.

Impact Analysis

DeepAffects correlates team's emotions with the issue progress, and evaluate its impact on risk, productivity, and software quality metrics.It helps management to keep a handle on all of the aspects of ALM stages, providing deep understanding into the impact of team dynamics on the efficiency and effectiveness.

Recommendations to Improve

DeepAffects helps management know who on the team needs help? and how to help them? It recommends practical strategies to remove blockers in team communications, reduce friction & increase collaboration.

Out-of-box Integrations

Seamless integration with Atlassian Jira, Service Desk & Github. Start analyzing your Teams' collaboration and communication data for productivity challenges in 2 simple clicks!

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